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Liposuction Vs Coolsculpting- What’s Best?

We all want a perfect body shape and even if some are still unconcerned about modifying their bodies, they seek various treatments to keep themselves healthy and at least appealing. Aesthetic procedures for body contouring fall in the categories of surgery and non-surgical procedures. As non-surgical procedures are mainly physical exercises and dieting, these tactics […]

Liposuction-fast Facts, Uses And Conditions

DEFINE LIPOSUCTION Liposuction is commonly known as Lipoplasty, Liposculture suction. Liposuction is the cosmetic surgery that sucks the fat from the human body. It is not an overall weight loss method and it is not the treatment of the obesity. Liposuction is the treatment that permanently removes the fat cells. FACTS ABOUT LIPOSUCTION There are […]

How much do you know about Traditional Liposuction (Myths)

Liposuction, which is a cosmetic technique of removing fat from the body raises many questions, especially to those who may be seeking the procedure for the first time. Ideally, the procedure is suitable for both men and women, but there many myths that surround the procedure. This article is aimed at discussing the popular myths […]