In the plastic surgery silicone and other types of implants are used as these types of materials have remolding capacity and the plastic surgery is also an art of remolding the tissues. So there is not any use of plastic in the surgery but the name of this surgery derived from the Greek meaning of plastic that is to mould.

Plastic surgeries are less invasive and in the surgeries, there is need of suture so there are chances of scars. But the artistic skills of plastic surgeon can reduce the chances of scars and even with his artistic skills; he can even hide the scars to minimize their visibility. Post operative care can also optimize the results of surgery and reduce the scars.

No, plastic surgery is divided into the sub specialties like the hand surgery, micro surgery, craniomaxillo facial surgery, cosmetic surgery and pediatric plastic surgery, it has the wide spectrum. Hence plastic surgery is not only meant for improving the looks as its application can be for improving of functioning and for improving looks.

No it is not much expensive as in India most of the plastic surgery procedures are done at the affordable cost by retaining the international standards of the quality of treatment. Its cost is also not same for all as it can vary person to person according to extent of problem, choice of procedure, center and surgeon. At Soni Plastic surgery center you can have all such procedures within your budget with the surety of successful results.

If you have chosen the experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Sanjay Soni then there is no need to worry about the potential risks as the artistic and surgical skills of the doctor can minimize the risks associated with the surgery. Otherwise there are some risks associated with plastic surgery too that are similar to the risks associated with other medical surgeries.

In India there are many multispecialty centers and government approved centers from where you can have this surgery otherwise from any registered and certified center for plastic surgery you can take this treatment. Soni Plastic Surgery Center is also certified and renowned center for all types of cosmetic and plastic surgeries so you can get effective solution for your any problem here at affordable cost.