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Liposuction-fast Facts, Uses And Conditions


Liposuction is commonly known as Lipoplasty, Liposculture suction. Liposuction is the cosmetic surgery that sucks the fat from the human body. It is not an overall weight loss method and it is not the treatment of the obesity. Liposuction is the treatment that permanently removes the fat cells.


There are numbers of the facts that are associated with the Liposuction

  • The first fact is that the operation is normally carried out under general cosmetic.
  • It is just the weight loss tool and it is purely cosmetic surgery.
  • There are about 400000 liposuction procedures are implemented in every year.
  • Liposuction is not the treatment of the obesity.
  • There are numbers of the possible risks involved in this surgery like infection, numbness, scaring, lumpiness and dents in the skin.
  • If the patient does not opt the healthier lifestyle after the liposuction surgery, there is the risk of the fat cells will grow again.
  • Liposuction doesn’t remove the cellulite, dimples and stretch marks

What are the uses of the liposuction?

  • :The first use of the Liposuction is that it is helpful to improve physical look of the person. In many cases, patient will achieve the same; even better results if they adopted the healthy life style like balanced diet, regular exercises.
  • Ideal for persons who achieve the flat body with their sedentary lifestyle.
  • When the women gains the weight, each fat cell increase in size and volume. The best liposuction surgery in India will help you to reduce the number of the fat cells in the isolated areas.
  • Cosmetic surgery in India is done in those areas that are obstinate the areas of fats that are resistant to exercise and diet. Resistant areas are abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck, chin, upper and the backs of the arms.

Certain Conditions in Which Liposuction is used:

  • Lymph edema – This is the chronic condition and excessive fluid is collected in the tissues. This also causes edema called swelling. This is commonly occurring in the arms or legs. Liposuction is sometimes used to reduce the swelling, discomfort and pain.
  • Gynecomastia – This is the condition when the fat is accumulated in the man breast areas.

  • Lipodystrophy syndrome– This is the condition when fat is accumulated in the one part of the body and lost in another part of the body. The best cosmetic surgery in India like Liposuction helps to boost the look of the person by providing a more natural look body fat distribution.

  • Lipomas – This is used to benign fatty tumors.

What are the useful tips before, during and the after the Liposuction surgery

  • One should have to stop taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs for at least two weeks.
  • Women have to stop taking the birth control pills.
  • Patients, who suffer from the anemia, may also start taking the iron pills.

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