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Mole Removal Side Effects You Must Know

Moles are commonly witnessed on brown-skinned individuals, both males and females than they appear in dark-skinned individuals. They vary in appearance, size, and shape.

Moles are created from the pigment cells that enable us to get our own skin color. These highly pigmented growths known as lesions are mostly darker due to the accumulation of melanin within them than the surrounding region.

They are mostly benign, rounded or symmetrical and noncancerous. Although mostly noncancerous, a proper diagnosis is required before a mole is removed from the skin.

How are moles diagnosed?

Certain moles are easily identified by skin experts or dermatologists and differentiated. That means that an expert can ascertain as to whether a mole is cancerous or not.

In case a skin expert isn’t able to differentiate the moles, a biopsy will be recommended since cancerous moles are treated differently from the noncancerous ones. In case a mole is cancerous, a doctor who specializes in the surgical removal of moles will cut the mole from the skin as well as the surrounding region.

Depending on one’s case, mole removal treatment in India is developed to ensure that the mole is permanently removed.

Some of the side effects of mole removal

Much as you desire to remove that mole or those moles, the following must be in your mind and perhaps, you must take precaution before the treatment or surgery.

An Infection

An infection is one of the commonest side effects of surgical procedures. Almost 50% of infections develop after surgeries. An infection is easily treated with antibiotics, but in case of poor treatment and management, the infection may penetrate into the inner parts, including the bloodstream, causing other complications and diseases such as sepsis.

An infection can be prevented by getting the right treatment and following the surgeon’s postoperative measures to avoid infections.


Well, though infections aren’t desired at all, you will have to endure the pain of mole removal depending on the type of procedure taken. Removing a mole by cutting them off the skin, burning them, or using wax and pulling them off causes a lot of pain. These measures will leave you stressed out for the next couple of days.

Though the painless mole removal treatments such as therapy, and laser treatments may seem lengthy, they may impose no or less pain on a patient

The various options for mole removal treatment in Panipat include;

  • Chemical peels

  • Cryosurgery

  • Liquid nitrogen treatment

  • Laser treatment

  • Laser surgery

  • Retinoids


Cosmetic procedures are quite expensive for some patients and so is the mole removal cost in India. The cost is commonly influenced by the size of the mole, location, number of moles, type of treatment and the type of the mole. The cost per treatment may range from $250 to $1000 for smaller moles and the cost may hike in case of many moles.


In the case of bigger moles that require excisional surgery, sutures are always used to protect and join the area. This will create a scar that may take a long period of time to fade. In other cases, the treatments may cause irritation, burns, and excessive pain that is hardly bearable.

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