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Lip Augmentation-It’s Complications And Post Instructions After The surgery

Lip Reduction surgery in India is the surgical procedure which is used to remove the excess lip tissue.This surgery is used to reduce the appearance of the over large lips.

Lip Augmentation

Some of us have very thin and the small lips. There are numbers of the reasons of the thin lip such as genetics, aging, smoking etc. sometimes tissues of our lip degrade with the passage of the time. Most of us want the filler that gives us the smooth, wrinkle-free and youthful lips. With the advancement in technology, lips shapes and lips prints are just at our finger tips. Lip augmentation is the method to fill the space of the thin lips.

Fillers: There are numbers of the fillers are used by the surgeon such as Esthelis, restalyne & Juvederm. This filler is sufficient for the single lip. This is the short procedure. It takes 15 minutes and lasts for the 6 to 8 months. This is the simple and safe procedure.

Fat injection: this is the technology in which fat injections are injected in the lips. This procedure requires one to three days. You have to repeat the procedure after 3 months.

This procedure is performed under the Local anesthesia. The whole procedure takes 30 to 45 minutes for the surgery. It requires at least one week recovering.

Complications of the Lips reduction surgery

  • There are large numbers of the complications are associated with this Lip reduction surgery. In this Local anesthesia is used. There may be the chance of some allergic reactions.

  • Sometimes there may be the chance of the Hematoma. This is the situation when bleeding is following from the lips every time.

  • There may be also the chance of enhancing the seroma. This is the lip building inside the lips.

  • Sometimes due to the fault of the inexperienced surgeon, your lips will get the different shape and the asymmetry. You can get the best lip reduction surgery in Panipat from the Dr. Soni’s Plastic Surgery hospital. Here, the expert team will provide you the exact symmetry of your lips.


There may be chances of the swelling after the surgery. It requires two days to reduce the swelling. Most of the swelling you will see on the sub nasal lip. This area is under the nose. One should only use the ice or frozen pack on the first day of the surgery.

There may be chances that your lips get bruised.But the new technologies and the advancements don’t develop the bruising.

There is not any kind of the lip dressing. You just have to apply the antibiotic ointment or the lip balm in order to make your lips moisturized.

You may just shower or bath as the normal one thing that you need to do is not wash the area of the surgery.

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