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What Are The Various Concerns About The Lip Reduction Surgery?

Lip reduction surgery is the next big trend in the market. The lip reduction surgery in Panipat is used to remove the skin from the lips and uses the stitches to create the new lipline. After that, pulling the lip line inside the mouth. This will reduce the overall size. This is the outpatient surgery and patient will give an anesthesia. This surgery will take 15 to 30 minutes. Recovery is fastest and easy. Your stitches will remain in place for at least one week. After that, it will be dissolved automatically or removed manually by your surgeon.

Concerns about the lip reduction surgery:

Recovery issues for the Lip Reduction Surgery: The first concern about the lip reduction surgery in India is the various recovery issues that are related to the swelling. In most of the patients, the swelling will be reduced after the one to two weeks. But swelling in the starting days, it would worsen. Swelling is the normal activity. This is the alarming sign that your lips will be reduced in the shorter period of time.

Visible sutures: The second major concern is that how long the lips will have the visible sutures. Most of the cases, it is rectified within one or two weeks. In the starting days of the surgery, your lips should not be timed. After the week, it will start losing to be trimmed. But sutures are dissolved very soon. This is the normal thing. If your lips start to be bleeding in the first or two weeks, then it is the natural process. One thing that you would like to do is to hold pressure. Bleeding will be reduced automatically. After sometimes, it will stop. Your lips can also feel numbness. Numbness will stay for weeks to the months. You can also feel tightness for some days when you will open the mouth or smiling. This will go for the multiple weeks. In some cases, it will go for the several months.

Asymmetry of the lips: The third major concern is the reduction, scaring and asymmetry of the lips. The best surgeon will perform the best lip reduction surgery in India. He knows very well how much lips should be reduced. If you disagree with the condition of the extent of the lip reduction, then you will suffer other kinds of the problems. If you are having too much reduction in the lips size, then you may have the gummy smile, lip incompetence, tight feeling, unnatural look etc. Moreover, you have to wait for at least 6 months for further lip reduction.

Further Lip reduction is required once the lip reduction is performed: only 5% of the people are undergone for the lip reduction surgery again.

Size of the scar: Another concern in the lip reduction surgery is the size of the scaring. The size of the scar is 1mm at the incision line. This scar will be rectifying in just one or two rounds of 5-fluorouracil injections.

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