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Liposuction Vs Coolsculpting- What’s Best?

We all want a perfect body shape and even if some are still unconcerned about modifying their bodies, they seek various treatments to keep themselves healthy and at least appealing. Aesthetic procedures for body contouring fall in the categories of surgery and non-surgical procedures. As non-surgical procedures are mainly physical exercises and dieting, these tactics are limited to providing the desired results in individuals.

Dieting and physical exercises will not 100% eliminate that fat in the abdomen or the love handles, but will only become a control device for the fat. Cases where one already has excessive fat deposits in any particular part of the body, this only calls for other procedures like Liposuction or CoolSculpting.


This FDA-approved method of fat elimination is currently seen as the most noninvasive nonsurgical procedure. This technique uses cryolipolysis technology to reduce the localized subcutaneous fat in a given region of the body. In this procedure, a vacuum uses an applicator to introduce controlled cooling at the surface of the skin. As the low temperatures are exposed to the fat cells, the CoolSculpting device induces crystallization and subsequent cell death in the targeted areas will occur.


With over 235,000 procedures performed in 2016, Liposuction emerged as the second commonly performed procedure worldwide. Currently, Liposuction is undergoing various improvements that are rendering the procedure safer and effective. With Liposuction, an incision is made in the intended region of the body and through a hollow instrument called a cannula with the help of a high-pressure vacuum, the excessive fat is removed from the body.

A modern procedure of Lipo, known as Laser Lipo is currently emerging as the most sought Liposuction surgery in India with the fact that it stimulates collagen production for achieving a firmer body contour.

Which Procedure is suitable for me?

Let this be a guideline to what your goals are;

  • Drastic results

Liposuction can provide drastic results in the shortest time possible compared to CoolSculting, which is the fat-freezing procedure. Whereas Liposuction may require a single treatment session, CoolSculpting may require more sessions in case you have increased fat deposits.

  • Region to be treated

CoolSculpting is currently used to treat the submental region (double chin area), abdomen, flanks, and the thighs, whereas with the Liposuction procedure, almost every body region can be treated with this method.

  • Scarring & Infections

Scarring may occur when Liposuction is used, whereas, with the CoolSculpting procedure, there is no scarring. However, once the Liposuction procedure is performed by an experienced surgeon, there is no or minimal scarring and natural results are witnessed.

  • The Recovery Period

Much as the Liposuction surgery is associated with a longer recovery period, it is still branded as the best cosmetic surgery in Panipat. Depending on the area treated and the amount of fat removed, one will have to spend more weeks at home, whereas one can return to his work the next day following the CoolSculting procedure.

All in all, liposuction and CoolSculpting are ideal procedures of eliminating unwanted fat deposits with the main aim of attaining a better body contour. Talk to the best surgeon to help you select the best procedure as per your desires.

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