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Hair Transplant Cost

HAIR TRANSPLANT COST - Best Doctor For Hair Transplant In India

Few people think that big pocket size is required to have hair transplant surgery (Best Doctor For Hair Transplant In India) – Best Doctor For Hair Transplant In India there are not actually aware about the cost for this effective one time investment for restoring hair.

It is quite essential to be aware about the various cost determining factors for this surgical treatment so that you can know about the actual cost of hair transplant in India.

COST DECIDING FACTORS - Best Doctor For Hair Transplant In India

  • Extent of baldness
  • Number of sessions required to cover bald portions with expected density
  • Technique being used for surgery
  • Number of graft transplanted
  • Center’s cost per graft and cost calculation policy

Some Other Factors Also Can Add To The Cost Of Procedure Like

  • facilities given by center
  • charges for medication
  • OT charges
  • Room charges
  • Accommodation charges
  • Consultation charges
  • Any additional treatment charges if given

Above mentioned other factors may or may not be variables for the hair transplant cost as per terms of the center from which you are taking surgery. On average basis cost is calculated according to the number of grafts transplanted during surgery multiplied with the cost per graft. India cost per graft can be Rs 25 – 30 but it can be higher in other countries.

There are many clinics that allure the patients by giving them cheap cost hair transplant packages but one must be aware about the quality offered by them so only after the quality and cost comparison center must be chosen

Here Are Few Facts That Must Be Kept In Mind While Choosing The Center For Hair Transplantation

  • You must ask for the degree and qualification of doctor who is going to perform surgery as M.Ch plastic surgery is the highest required degree for hair transplantation and doctor must be specialized for performing this surgery
  • Hair transplantation is the skilled procedure done with the micro instruments so for using such instruments there must be expertise and experienced surgeon
  • You must ask for the quality and consistency of after surgery results before taking decision so that you could invest smartly and wisely for this one time affair
  • You must not run behind the promotional advertisements for the centers that offer low cost treatment. You should act rationally to decide the center on the basis of cost and quality offered by center and after collecting sufficient information about results, reputation and techniques used for transplantation

After working on all above facts and doing proper home work you should choose the center for surgical hair restoration so that you can get the optimized return for your one time investment, which can be heavy in few cases.

At Soni Hair Transplant Center you can have clear estimation for the cost before the surgery and no hidden or additional costs are charged after the procedure. We offer treatment at affordable cost without any compromise of the quality standards as quality and reliability of results is our prime motive and identification too.

Our experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sanjay Soni strives for the best quality results, reliable and trustworthy relations with the patients by giving them utmost satisfaction, not for the money. It is the reason we put extra efforts to do research for the top notched technology that can not only refine our results but also can cut down the cost of procedure so that this magical treatment option can be made accessible for all.

Feel free to book your Free Consultation with our experts so that you can have complete information about our tailor made treatment packages and correct estimation for the cost of procedure.