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BIO-Direct Hair Transplantation

BIO-Direct Hair Transplantation At Soni Hair Transplant Centre -Hair Transplantation Side Effects

Soni Hair Transplant – Hair Transplantation Side Effects Centre avails you with the advent techniques of restoring your hair beautifully, and naturally. With the best quality control team and expertise of the hair transplant surgeon, one is guaranteed of the best natural results and a friendly experience. One of the major breakthrough techniques of hair restoration include; Bio-Direct Hair Transplant


With utmost artistry and aesthetic skills, Bio-Direct hair Transplant (Hair Transplantation Side Effects )is one of the modern and preferred hair restoration procedure.

The Bio-Direct Hair Transplant is a combination of two hair restoration procedures i.e Bio (non-surgical hair restoration method) and Direct hair transplant, which is the surgical technique.

Therefore, Bio-Direct Hair Transplantation refers to the hair restoration technique where follicular units of hair follicles (resistant to DHT) are extracted from the donor region and directly implanted into the bald or thinning region.

This advanced hair replacement technique eliminates the need for scalpels and other invasive means of hair restoration. Once the hair follicles (grafts) are surgically fitted into the tiny incisions, the BIO solution derived from the patient’s blood is introduced to the transplanted region.


During a consultation, the surgeon will examine the donor and the recipient region to rule out any possible complications. In the same way, the amount of donor hair available and required will be observed.

The hair restoration technique is completely an outpatient procedure and also performed under local anesthesia.

During the BIO-Direct Hair Transplant in India, individual hair follicles are extracted from the donor region using specialized designed tools, commonly known as mircopunches of 1mm diameter or less and directly implanted into the thinning region

Great expertise is used while fixing the individual hair follicles following the direction, depth, density required, and the natural results to be produced.

The patient’s own blood will be retrieved, centrifuged and the treated blood result (BIO) will be injected back into the transplanted region


  • It is invasive
  • The expertise at Soni hair transplant eliminates all possible complication regarding bleeding
  • Increased graft survival
  • No graft wastage
  • No stitches
  • Improved hair results in terms of density, quality, and appearance
  • Higher success rate compared to other techniques


Follicular Unit Extraction Involved
The Follicular Unit Extraction method is utilized during the Bio-Direct hair transplant, a procedure that will help you attain the hair style you desire. The procedure is painless, no bleeding, and above all fast and effective

Safe Procedure
The BIO-Direct procedure is safely performed at Soni hair transplant centre. With the surgeon’s expertise, hair follicles are carefully extracted and implanted with advanced equipment and specialized tools selected depending on the patient’s scalp and hair anatomy. This will reduce the chances of bleeding and scarring

Guaranteed increased Hair Growth
Surely, the Bio-Direct hair transplant procedure assures a patient of natural and successful hair growth. A patient will enjoy natural hair results with a recognizable hair density

Single Procedure
The procedure is performed within a single session and there are no multiple appointments


Natural and smart results are attained at a friendly cost at Soni Hair Transplant Centre. The Bio-Direct Hair Transplant Cost in India is assessed to be RS.50,000 in the case of moderate hair loss.
However, Soni Hair Transplant Centre performs the advanced and conventional procedures at a far better price.