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Body Hair Transplantation

Body Hair Transplantation At Our Advanced Hair Centre - Hair Transplant Delhi

Hair Transplantation – Hair Transplant Delhi,Hair Transplant  Surgeon Delhi,Hair Transplant In Delhi Reviews,Hair Transplantation Side Effects, Best Doctor For Hair Transplant In India is capturing most patient’s attention due to its efficacy. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure developed through the advanced technical expertise and it allows a hair surgeon to extract a strip of follicular hair follicles or individual hairs from the donor region to the recipient region, also known as the bald region.

Body hair transplant is a mere sphere of hair transplantation, so, let’s have a detailed view of body hair transplantation.

Body Hair Transplant(Hair Transplant Delhi) ideally means selecting the other body parts than focusing on the scalp as the donor region during a hair transplant. The surgeon and the patient come to a conclusion of body hair transplantation during an evaluation (consultation).

On the other hand, body hair transplant can also mean implanting hair follicles in the various regions of the body, most especially the facial areas which include; eyebrows, eyelashes, beards, chest, mustache and so on.

Transferring hair follicles to the facial regions is commonly done for cosmetic purposes.

The Body As A Donor Region For Scalp Hair Transplant

The body is selected as a donor region for patients (Hair Transplant Delhi) with insufficient donor hair on the sides or back of their scalps. The hair is removed from the chest, arms, beards, legs, axillae, or from the private parts and then implanted in the scalp.

Technically, Body Transplant in India is performed using the Follicular Unit Extraction method (FUE). During the procedure, the surgeon utilizes small punches of 0.7mm to 1mm in size to extract individual hair follicles from the different parts of the body.

The beard hair is mostly the targeted hair since it has a good diameter and can provide a good density of the scalp hair.

What To Know About Body Hair Transplant

  • You will require an examination by an expert to identify you as a suitable candidate for body hair transplant
  • Some body hairs may differ from the scalp hairs in terms of color, so the surgeon will have to select matching hair follicles.
  • The skin is a delicate organ, so perhaps the surgeon will numb the donor area or administer local anesthesia before extracting and implanting the hair in the recipient region.
  • Beard hair rarely undergoes the telogen phase, usually grows as individual follicles or three hair groups may at times be noted

Why Go In For Body Hair Transplant/ Benefits

  • Body hair transplant is commonly suitable for additional donor hairs in case of a limited donor region of the scalp
  • It is an option to increase the hair density on the scalp or achieve a fuller head
  • It can be used to rectify past hair transplant mistakes
  • Cover linear scars from FUT hair transplants
  • Increase the possibilities of a hair transplant procedure
  • No traces left in donor regions
  • It is a minimally invasive procedure

Cost Of Body Hair Transplant

  • Considering the technical expertise required, the Body Hair Transplant Cost in India is a bit higher than the normal hair transplant procedures. The cost ranges from RS. 65,000 to 1lakh, but the cost varies as per;
  • The number of hair follicles required
  • The surgeon and the location of the clinic
  • Re-surgery or first surgery

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