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Facial Hair Transplant

FACIAL Hair Transplant - Hair Transplant Surgeon Delhi

Restoration of the scalp hair – Liposuction Surgery In Delhi,Rhinoplasty Surgery In Delhi,Cosmetic Surgery In Delhi,Plastic Surgery In Delhi, Nose Surgery In Delhi,Liposuction Surgery Side Effects,Hair Transplant Delhi,Hair Transplant  Surgeon Delhi,Hair Transplant In Delhi Reviews,Hair Transplantation Side Effects,Best Doctor For Hair Transplant In Indiais common to hear and is widely spread but due to advent of technology it is also possible to get the facial hair transplant. Facial areas of hair are so delicate but now it is possible to restore the hair even in these areas with natural look. Facial hair transplant facilitates the men and women to have the aesthetic look after restored beard, mustache, eyebrow and eyelashes respectively


Facial hair transplant is the surgical procedure that restores hair to the areas of the face where hair is missing or thin due to scars, birthmarks, side burns, due to some health conditions like cancer or thyroid and so on. This procedure is performed to restore the hair on the areas like beard, mustache, goatee, sideburns, Cheeks, eyebrows, eyelashes. Even this procedure can be done to hide the acne, burn or scars of accident.

Same as the normal hair transplant procedure, in this surgical procedure loss resistant hair follicles are harvested from the most fertile part of the scalp according to the exact match with the existing facial hair. Dr. Sanjay Soni performs the facial hair transplant surgery with the advanced FUE procedure so that patient can have scar free, painless and without stitches comfortable surgery.

To perform this surgery patient must choose the experienced surgeon as only efficient surgeon can select carefully the best quality donor follicles which are essential for successful facial hair transplant otherwise if the donor follicles will not be loss resistant then these can soon shed away and then patient could not go for revise facial transplant in future.


This procedure is done under the anesthesia so patient can have painless and comfortable surgery but patient can experience some redness and swelling in the treated area for 2-3 days after surgery but soon it get healed and patient can resume his daily activities without any problem.

after 2 weeks the transplanted hair will fall out but this is normal and hair will regrow after 3 months for lifetime with complete natural appearance. New hair can also be shaved or groomed same as beard and mustache hair that already exist.


  • It is the painless and scar free procedure
  • It is small procedure , done to restore eyebrow, eyelashes, beard and mustache restoration with complete natural look
  • Procedure can give younger, smarter and attractive look to men and women both after surgery.
  • At Soni Plastic surgery and hair transplant center, patient can have safest and best results at the reasonable Facial Hair Transplant cost.