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FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant

Hair loss is devastating problem that can lead to loss of confidence and lowering the quality of life. Person with the hair loss has to sacrifice for his attractive youthful look and even for some opportunities of life related to job , career, marriage and social gatherings.

Fortunately, over the year technology is getting better so it becomes possible for people to restore the attractive and youthful looks with the cosmetic procedures like hair transplant.

Hair Transplant is the advanced and widely accepted method for restoring the lost hair and confidence. It is considered as the best and only option that can give natural looking hair for lifetime even if person is suffering from severe hair loss. This surgical procedure can be done with two methods FUT and FUE but most of the centers and even patients prefer FUE hair transplant for restoring their locks.


It is the advanced procedure used for redistribution of scalp hair and known as Follicular Unit Extraction method. It is based on the same principle of the surgical hair restoration that hair follicles can grow for lifetime even after their shifting from one part of scalp to other but it differs from the old methods of transplantation.

This method is better by many folds than the earlier methods as it is refined, scar less and painless procedure for implanting hair follicles in the bald portions.


It is refined procedure in which instead of removing strip or belt of hair follicles that leaves the linear scar in the donor site, individual hair follicles are selected on the basis of loss resistant and extracted individually to implant directly in the balding portion.


In the pre surgical session Dr. Sanjay Soni evaluate and examine the physical health of the patient and then perform digital scalp analysis to reach to the root of problem and to know texture, color and skin tone of the patient.

Even medical history of the patient os asked to know about any allergies or contradictions patient has from any medicine.

On the basis of health, age, scalp status and extent of problem the candidacy of the patient for procedure is examined and he is recommended for the procedure if suitable.

Even in the pre session donor site for extraction of follicles is determined on the basis of availability and quality of follicles, patient is pre informed for the outcomes of surgery and his expectations are also matched with the expected outcomes. We also discuss clearly about the estimated cost of FUE hair transplant to bring transparency in the procedure.

In the end of session patient is given some instructions for the surgery like to have sound sleep before surgery, eat nutritious diet, avoid alcohol, smoking and blood thinners before the surgery for best results


FUE procedure can be 3-4 hours’ session according to personalized requirement of the patient. Initially local anesthesia is applied to cause numbness of scalp so that patient can feel relax and comfortable during surgery.

Patient’s head is also shaved and washed with antibiotic before applying anesthesia for preventing the infection. Then required number of grafts are extracted from the donor site with the micro punches of having diameter even less than 1mm , that leaves only the tiny holes behind in the donor area. These tiny holes get healed in few days.

We put extra care for storage of the extracted follicles as outside the body lack of oxygen, blood and hydration can affect adversely to the long lasting survival of follicles after implantation. We store the follicles in the hydrated solution and try to minimize the time gap between extraction and transplantation so that hair can grow for entire life with retained properties.

Then according to the requirement hair follicles are placed in the pre designed slits at the correct angle, depth and distance so that natural appearance of hair can be restored.


After surgery patient can get back to his home without any difficulty but on the next day he is asked to visit Soni Plastic Surgery Center again for preventive and hygienic hair wash under the supervision of experts.

Even senior surgeon Dr. Sanjay Soni also provides written and oral instructions to patient for caring his transplanted hair so that optimized and safe results can be attained.

We ensure the undetectable results of FUE procedure by performing Non- Invasive surgery with state of art technology at the low cost without dropping the quality at any level of the procedure.