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Gynaecomastia - Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi and Hair Transplant In Delhi Reviews

Gynaecomastia is the condition in which males’ breasts got swell and become larger than the normal size like females. This condition is common among the teenage boys and old age men.

CAUSES FOR GYNAECOMASTIA - Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi and Hair Transplant In Delhi Reviews

This condition can be caused due to following reasons

  • This condition can be caused due to the imbalance of hormones as the sex hormone Oestrogen causes the breat tissue to grow and all men also produce this hormone. Higher level of male sex hormone Testosterone prevents the Oestrogen from causing the breast tissue to grow. So proper balance of these two hormones is needed for the adequate male breast size and if this balance get disturbed then it can lead to increase size of male breasts
  • Being overweight can also cause the increased size breasts as excess weight can also increase the level of Oestrogen that can lead to growth of breast tissue
  • This condition may also happen in newborn baby boys as Oestrogen passes from mother to child. But this condition is temporary and remain for few weeks only
  • Sometime during puberty hormone level can vary and then level of male sex hormone can drop so result in the increased sized breasts
  • With the age production ability for the testosterone get disturbed and even older men can have more body fat so they may also suffer from this condition
  • This condition may also occur due to the side effects of the medications like anti-ulcer drugs or drugs for heart diseases
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol and drug abuse can also cause imbalance of hormone so lead to this condition
  • Genetic disorder
  • Kidney failure or liver disease can also cause this problem


This condition can be embarrassing for most of the men so they like to go for the treatment for this issue so that they can restore their masculine look with reduced sized boobs. For this treatment, patient has generally two following options

1. Medications to adjust the hormone imbalance that cause increase in breast size
2. Gynaecomastia surgery

The first non surgical option is simple solution to reduce the size of breasts but it may or may not be much effective in all the cases so the patients like to go for the surgery.


It is the surgery of few hours that help the patient to get the desired shape and size of breasts. This surgery is done under the anesthesia so that male can have painless and comfortable surgery.

In this male breast reduction surgery the excess fat and tissue is removed by making the small incision and then after removal of excess skin the incision is closed with stitches.

After the surgery patient get recover in few weeks and can have noticeable change in breast size without being detected by anyone. After few weeks as per doctor’s recommendation patient can resume his daily activities and work. This surgery give the safe and lifetime results as after surgery chances for reoccurrence of this condition become next to zero.