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Hair Transplant in Men

MEN Hair Transplant

Best Doctor For Hair Transplant In India or Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi is the surgical procedure for shifting of healthy hair follicles from the most fertile part of scalp to the bald or thinning areas. This method is suitable for both male and females but it is more common among the men. or Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi and Hair Transplant In Delhi Reviews

Men generally have problem of receding hairline so hair transplant can give them restoration of natural hair line. Hair loss can be different for different men according to age and reasons for hair loss so the procedure for restoring them can also be different.

COMMON REASONS FOR HAIR LOSS IN MEN - Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi and Hair Transplant In Delhi Reviews

  • Genetic reasons that cause male pattern hair loss
  • Excessive stress
  • Poor diet and lifestyle
  • Side effects of some medications
  • Low level of iron


For men hair is valuable asset as it enhance their personality and keep their youger look alive so we understand the importance of crown glory for each men and strive to achieve the most feasibility of results after hair transplantation in men.

For men two types of surgeries are avaible as an option for restoration of their locks as follows

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

It is traditional method of hair transplantation and also known as the strip harvesting method. In this procedure surgeons extract the strip or belt of the healthy hair from the permanent zone of the head. Under the super microscopes this strip of follicles is dissected in their natural grouping of 1-4 hairs and then accordingly transplanted in the balding areas. In this method there is need to close the wound from where strip has been removed and it leaves the linear scar  in donor site.

This scar can be hidden under the adequate hair style and even fade away with the passage of time. This method is suitable for the men that have sever baldness problem or have longer hair.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

It is modern method of hair restoration which is step ahead from the strip removal option. In this method surgeon carefully select the healthy hair follicles individually from the most fertile part of scalp taken as donor area. These donor hair follicles are transplanted in the bald portions.

This procedure is scar free , painless and no cut or stitches are required in this procedure so it is preferred by most of the men as it gives them natural appearance and freedom to have any hair style after surgery.

Hair transplant is procedure of few hours depending on the extent of baldness in men and this procedure is done under the local anesthesia so patient dos not feel any pain or discomfort during surgery. Men generally have problem of receding hair line and bald crown areas so for them FUE hair transplant is most suitable treatment option.


On the same day patient can get back to home without difficulty and after 2-3 days can resume their activities except the heavy exercises or dangerous sports.

Male can experience the soreness, redness and some time mild pain in the treated area for few days after surgery but all these get vanish in few days.

Dr, Sanjay Soni give special instructions to patient for post operative care so that swelling and pain can be prevented and healing process can be made faster. Even give instructions for hair wash after surgery without damaging the transplanted hair.

Patient can have noticeable growth after 3-4 months but the actual results of complete growth of natural looking hair can be seen after 10-12 months of surgery.

After surgery men can choose any hair style including the short hair without any fear of being detected by others and can color or cut their transplanted hair like natural hair but after the recommendation of your specialized surgeon.