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Hair Transplant in Women

WOMEN Hair Transplant

Hair loss can be major concern for females as it can snatch their beauty and even their freedom to be part of social gatherings confidently. Hair loss in women can lead to various devastating results like stress, loss of self esteem and sometime depression too. In earlier days there was not as such reliable procedure or method to restore the lost hair of women but today it is possible.

It Is really great news for the female that they can restore their locks and curly flicks surgically even if they are suffering from pattern hair loss, hair transplant is the most reliable method that can give same results to females like the males after surgery.

But this method is not obvious option for every female as it is suitable for only the good female candidates for hair transplant


  • Hair loss due to mechanical or traction alopecia
  • Women that are looking for the hair transplant in the incision sites of previous cosmetic procedure
  • Women with pattern hair loss similar to the male pattern baldness means they are suffering from hair line recession, vertex thing and have sufficient supply of donor follicles
  • Hair loss due to trauma, burns, accidental scarring, chemical burns in females
  • Problem of alopecia marginalis in females that is similar kind of traction alopecia


There are some women for whom this surgical treatment option is not suitable like

  • Woman having diffused, wide spread pattern of hair loss
  • Woman that are not having the sufficient permanent zone that could supply the sufficient donor follicles for transplantation
  • Women with issue of keloid scars


Correct and depth diagnosis of the any problem can solve the problem up to great extent, same is the case for female hair transplant so Dr. Sanjay Soni put his extravagant efforts and skills to diagnose the hair loss problem in females.

As the hair texture can be different in both the genders so hair loss can also differ in both so is the hair loss diagnosis.  We perform the disease specific medical evaluation by evaluating the medical history and physical fitness in females. Depth hair loss analysis helps us to take the right decision for the treatment option like medication, surgical or both combined.

Women have sometime diffuse hair loss problem that is different condition than the hereditary balding. In the pre surgical session of female hair transplantation surgeon examine and evaluate about the spreading of hair loss, hair loss affected part of scalp, availability of the donor loss resistant follicles so that reliable results can be given after surgery.


Hair transplantation surgery is same in both the genders as in case of females also local anesthesia is applied for numbness of scalp and in the similar way the hair follicles are extracted with the micro punches that leaves only tiny less visible scars.

In the same way follicles are cultivated in the areas with less or no hair in females but if in females there is not availability of loss resistant follicles then it is impossible to give hair transplantation as even body part’s hair cannot be taken as an donor hair. Even women are not willing to shave their head so it makes the hair transplantation lengthier and tougher in case of females.

At Soni Plastic Surgery center women can have scar less, undetectable, painless, procedure for the hair loss and after surgery they can cut, color or style their hair even like the natural hair.

For more information on Women Hair transplant feel free to talk to our experts.