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Hair Transplant


There is no shadow of doubt that pleasant appearance can open the doors of new opportunities for you whereas the unattractive looks just do just opposite and full head of hair is essential part of one’s personality that can enhance impression by many folds. Unfortunately the abrupt hair fall and baldness is getting common issue for all age’s people and is denting their personality, confidence and self esteem. People suffering from this serious problem try to have their crown glory back by any method.
Medical science has introduced many ways for hair restoration but among them surgical way for correcting baldness is considered as most effective and safe. Hair transplant fulfill the need of people as it has evolved over the years giving reliable results depending on the procedure used and experience of the surgeon.
Hair restoration needs to be natural which is considerably different depending on the problem and expectation of every individual. Soni Plastic Surgery center offers the Hair transplant for curing baldness successfully, as most reliable, permanent, undetectable result oriented surgical option for natural hair as per requirement.


Hair transplant is the surgical procedure done under the local anesthesia for hair restoration. It is the procedure that involves the harvesting of loss resistant hair follicles from the most fertile part of scalp , called donor or permanent area with the surrounding tissues and cultivation of them artistically to balding site or recipient area.
This procedure works according to the principle that the active and loss resistant follicles can grow and survive even after their shifting from one site of scalp to other.
This journey start from the bald or thinning head and crossing the steps of consultation, surgical procedure ends to the natural and lifetime growing hair. In between the journey important step is the technique used for the hair transplant as it can also be responsible for making difference to results.



Dr, Sanjay Soni is the experienced , expertise and well qualified cosmetic surgeon that has restored the happiness and confidence of countless people by giving them life changing results of hair transplant surgery at low cost.

People choose us as first option due to our credentials of being pioneered of performing successful hair transplant surgery on thousands of people including many celebrities.

We are known for scar free, painless personalized surgeries that restore natural hair for lifetime. Total care system and top notched technology is our identification in the field that enables us to give reliable results of surgeries with utmost satisfaction of our patients.