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Micro Surgery


Micro surgery is performed on the parts of the body that can be visualized under the microscope so it is performed on very small structures such as blood vessels and nerves with the specialized instruments.

As this is quite magnificent surgery so to ensure the success of surgery following facts must be consider

  • Selection of patient must be done carefully after the physical and medical examination
  • Careful preoperative and backup plan must be developed
  • Patient’s full consent must be obtained
  • Use of well defined workhorse flap


In the microsurgery following techniques are used

  • Blood vessel repair
  • Vein grafting
  • Nerve repair
  • Nerve grafting


For the successful microsurgery there is need of pre and post operative care as follows

Preoperative preparation

  • Patient must be physically and mentally fit to tolerate the surgery of 8 or longer hours
  • Flap must be planned on the basis of size and type of tissue needed and even the alternative flap for backup also be considered
  • Beforehand the recipient vessel must be determined which generally remain outside the zone of injury
  • Patient must be aware about the possible complications, outcomes and method of surgery

Intraoperative Preparation

  • Surgical plan must be discussed with entire surgical team including the surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and other supporting staff
  • Proper equipment to be used for the surgery must be prepared
  • Adequate position of patient while surgery is determined

Postoperative Care

  • After the surgery patient is given the intravenous fluid or liquid diet within 12 to 24 hours and after that patient can switch to regular diet
  • Patient must be kept warm and hydrated and even the surgical site must be in elevated position that will help to drain the excess fluid
  • For managing pain the medicines are administered
  • Certain tests like Doppler ultrasound, intravenous Fluorescein, pulse oximetry, Artriography are recommended post surgery
  • After the discharge patient is given proper instructions for after care to maximize the positivity of after results
  • For at least 6 weeks patient must avoid exposure to tobacco as nicotine can affect the circulation
  • Depending on the procedure bed rest is recommended to patient for few weeks
  • Surgical site is asked to keep elevated for few days
  • For the restoration of functioning of the replanted body part some light exercises are recommended to patient

Microsurgery is highly magnificent procedure so must be taken from the efficient and experienced surgeon like Dr. Sanjay Soni that can minimize the associated complications with the surgery and can give the safest and best results.
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