Mind Blowing Romantic Movies to Watch This Weekend

Mind Blowing Romantic Movies to Watch This Weekend

November 2, 2022 Off By admin

Are you someone who believes that by watching a romantic movie, you can cure your day? Do you like ending your week by watching a romantic movie of any kind? Then you must watch uyare, Bombay and alaipayuthey.

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Plot Of uyare

The movie uyareIs about a strong-willed woman named Pallavi. Pallavi has always aspired to become a pilot in the future. This movie’s presence and potteries how Pallavi gets back on her feet after sharing the resilience of being beset by a series of personal crises.

This particular movie presents a bittersweet and emotional perspective of a woman’s life. Watch the movie to know how Pallavi overcame her fear and crisis to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a pilot.


Plot Of Bombay

Bombay is a romantic musical. It presents The Story of a Muslim woman and a Hindu man who fell in love and a lot to get married. The couple eloped and got married as both their families objected to their relationship. However, delving deep into the plot, we notice that even though the couple has moved to Bombay, they end up facing the anger and wrath of a communal riot.

Watch the movie to know more about how the newlyweds deal with this situation.

Alai payuthey

Plot Of alaipayuthey

In the movie Alai payutheyThe couple Kartik and Shakti are seen getting married against the wishes of the family to begin their new family and life. However, soon, to their surprise, the couple noticed that marriage was not a cakewalk as they contemplated.

Watch the movie to know about what challenges and problems the newlyweds came across and how they decided to take care of the situation.

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