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Mole Removal

Mole Removal

Moles are made up of the cells that produce pigment and are the skin growths. These can appear anywhere on the skin either alone or in groups. These may appear generally in the initial years of life and have brown, black, blue or flesh color. Generally moles are harmless and do not lead to pain or other condition unless you rub them or they bump against something.


As most of the moles are harmless even then people need to go for the mole removal for following reasons

  • Some patients have the moles on face like on nose, lips, near eyes so these moles dent their facial appearance so they go for the mole removal for cosmetic reasons.
  • Sometimes moles cause discomfort to patient as when they get rubbed against the clothes or jewelry
  • Some patient have weird moles that are bigger in size so they go for their removal
  • Sometime patients have different type of moles that can house for cancer so in that cases after check up doctor recommend for biopsy and send mole for lab checking to detect cancer


If patient go for the mole removal then the doctor can choose the following options for its removal

  • Some moles are removed by cutting them off with the surgical scissors and if the cells of moles are beneath the skin then deep cuts are made to remove the mole from its root so that it could not grow back. For deep cuts even there is need of stitches to close the wound
  • Sometime doctor choose the option of freezing the mole with liquid nitrogen and you could have blister on the place where mole was but soon it gets healed
  • Sometime electric current is passed to burn off the mole from the upper layer of skin. In this case heat prevents the bleeding.

All the mole removal procedures are done under the anesthesia so that patient could have painless and comfortable treatment


Mole removal surgery is done with the three methods as follows

It is used for the moles that are grown above the skin. This surgery is done under the local anesthesia applied to the surrounding area of mole. Then the surgeon uses the small, sharp scalpel to shave the surface of mole and to let it flush with surrounding skin.

This surgical technique is used for the smaller sized moles and in this procedure special device is used to punch out a cylinder shaped piece of mole bearing skin.

When patient have the flat or malignant skin miles then this surgery is used to remove them. In this surgical procedure surgeon cuts the mole entirely and the wound is closed with the stitches.

All above surgical mole removal methods are safe and have the quick recovery of few days and we provide these procedures with lifetime results and at reasonable cost of mole removal.