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PRP Therapy


Hair loss is the major concern for both men and women. It can be due to various issues like genetic, stress, some medical conditions or bad hair care. Advancement in the medical field has introduced various techniques that can combat with the hair loss condition with ease. Platelets rich plasma or PRP is one of the advancement of medical science which has shown impressive results in reversing hair loss.


PRP therapy is known as platelet rich plasma therapy. It is non surgical procedure that used to restore hair for permanent basis. In this therapy patient’s own blood is drawn in specific quantity and centrifuged under the specific conditions of time speed and temperature to separate plasma with platelets. This plasma rich platelet and growth factors are collected in the tube as these are very useful for tissue generation and healing.

These plasma rich platelets are injected in the scalp of the patients, particular in the areas that are affected by hair loss. These growth factors stimulate hair growth and improve the texture and quality of hair.


Particularly this treatment is suitable for all men and women but people that have problem of thinning hair are ideal for this treatment. Patient suffering from pattern hair loss at the top of scalp and particularly receding hair line along the temples can take benefit of this treatment.

However before recommending for this procedure Dr. Sanjay Soni examine the health and medical history of patient to ensure best results of treatment without side effects. Some time patients are recommended to take medications like minoxidil and Propecia before the procedure to improve the after results.


Although PRP treatment give great results to the people that are suffering from hair loss but it is not for everyone as this treatment cannot help to grow new hair baled patches so the people with severe baldness problem cannot opt this treatment. This treatment can only make existing thinning hairs strong so it is suitable for the candidates that are suffering from thinning hair problems. Even the people that are addicted to drug abuse, smoking, alcohol consumption cannot get good results from this treatment.


This procedure can vary from six to eight sittings and can give prompt results so patient can notice fuzz of hairs after fourth sitting. This is safe procedure without side effects so patients can have stimulated hair growth and healthier hair follicles soon after this treatment.

At Soni Plastic surgery and hair transplant centre you can get PRP treatment with outstanding results at affordable PRP cost.