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Revision Hair Transplants

Revision Hair Transplants

Hair Transplant techniques are advanced hair restoration methods performed worldwide by trained surgeons. With the advancement in technology and techniques, many patients have found themselves opting for revision hair transplants in India

What Is A Revision Hair Transplant?

A revision hair transplant is simply a redo of a hair transplant surgery. Patients who previously underwent a hair transplant surgery, most especially with the traditional technique (FUT or Strip) in the early 2000s have found themselves candidates for a revision hair transplant.

What Leads To A Revision Hair Transplant?

  • A hair Transplant is a surgical procedure categorized as any other surgery. A patient isn’t entitled to 100% natural results, especially in the presence of extreme hair loss and other underlying factors.
  • The fact is hair transplant results differ from one patient to another. Some patients may obtain 80% results while others may fail to even obtain 30% results
  • Some patients suffer from botched surgeries which will automatically require a different surgical or treatment approach to obtain the desired results.
  • A low hair density may also cause one to opt for a Revision Hair Transplant Treatment in India in order to get a fuller head
  • Obviously, unsatisfied patients will opt for a revision hair transplant

What Must You Consider Before A Revision Hair Transplant?

The goal of a revision hair transplant is to attain the best possible natural results and in order for that to happen, consider the following;

1. Consider a reputed hair surgeon
You may have had your hair transplant surgery from a low-class hair transplant centre. This was made worse by the inexperience of the surgeon and poor protocols. Consider an advanced clinic this time around

2. Consider a good evaluation procedure
A revision hair transplant requires a good evaluation by an expert. This will help you identify the donor region and the recipient regions carefully. The surgeon will also determine the available and the required hair follicles

3. Identifying former mistakes & avoiding them
In order to achieve a fuller head, the surgeon may have over grafted the donor area which ended up making your scalp a doll-like head. Over grafting affects future hair transplants and if possible, body hair transplant can be performed

4. Opting for better hair transplant techniques
Follicular Unit Extraction or BIO-FUE are advanced hair transplant techniques available for both men and women. The techniques are ideal in the case of androgenetic alopecia or male and female pattern baldness.

The Cost Of A Revision Hair Transplant

Modern techniques offer discounts or free revision hair transplant surgeries on their patients. All in all, a Revision Hair Transplant Treatment Cost in India is likely to cost you the same amount as any other hair transplant surgery

Where Can You Have Your Revision Hair Transplant?

Soni Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant Centre is an advanced hair transplant centre which specializes in correcting botched hair transplants procedures and skin treatments. The expert uses modern equipment to deliver natural and satisfying results in patients. Consider the skin and hair specialist for all your failed hair transplant surgeries

A Simple Guide After A Revision Hair Transplant Treatment

1. Follow the surgeon’s instructions
2. Be careful
3. Avoid smoking
4. Stay in touch with the surgeon
5. Eat healthily