Single PCB Failures: The Domino Effect in High-Stakes Industrial Electronics

Single PCB Failures: The Domino Effect in High-Stakes Industrial Electronics

November 28, 2023 0 By admin

Companies must adapt to new challenges as electronics is increasingly embedded in mission-critical functions including planes, medical devices to the energy grid. Failure of these systems could cause a catastrophe.

Warm, humid conditions as well as damaging magnetic and electric fields are examples of harsh environment. Specific environmental conditions affect the design sua chua servo fanuc of the product and should be considered when designing the product.


Electronic waste, also known as electronic waste, is a vast quantity of electronic items that are trashed, regardless of their ability to increase productivity and improve the quality of life. The harmful substances and the valuable metals in e-waste, such as gold and palladium are not the only ones present.

Recovering the value from industrial electronic equipment (EEE) is an essential step in minimizing e-waste generation as well as establishing sustainable management of resources. Retrofitting and remanufacturing are two strategies to upgrade products that are older with the latest technology. Remanufacturing is more extensive procedures, including disassembling the device and cleaning it before replacing parts, and then put everything back in place.

An online research study was conducted with industrial electronics repair technicians within the GCC to advocate remanufacturing rather than of disposal. The results revealed that PCB problems and malfunctions are most commonly caused by the above-mentioned causes. These findings give technicians valuable insight in developing more efficient repair techniques and repurpose EEE to help build an environmentally sustainable future.

Innovative Solutions

When it comes to industrial electronic equipment, public transport and mining equipment, “If it is not damaged, don’t fix it”, does it hold to be true? A damaged PCB could result in an electronic device’s malfunction and this could lead to costly operational costs.

The Right to Repair movement is gaining traction globally as an essential way to extend the life of electronic equipment and to create more sustainable business models. However, a variety of factors like designs for products, intellectual property, Taxation and Consumer Laws slow the progress.

Technicians need to have the ability to innovate. In a common interview the candidates must discuss a time when they had to utilize their creative skills to resolve a problem. Recruiters are able to evaluate the technical skills of a technician in relation to the ability to solve problems and to deal with challenges that arise quickly. Quickly finding solutions is a sign of an engineer’s dedication to excellence and innovation.

Repairing Electronics at Extreme Humidity and Temperatures

In order to ensure that electronics function as intended for the entire duration of their products They must be put to stringent tests. These tests will often include testing the device to extreme temperatures, humidity and even vibrations.

High temperatures could cause damage to electronic components. It is particularly true of circuit boards because solder that is that connects components can melt. It can result in the short circuit and possibly the system failing.

The electrical components are affected by humidity. It can cause corrosion, electrical leakage and material deterioration. The moisture can get into packing materials, printed-circuit boards and other components’ surfaces.

The issue can create problems with the transmission of signals due to a delay in the time required for electrons to pass through the circuit. The lag in some instances can be so large that an entire circuit may be unable to function. It can cause industrial equipment to malfunction.